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Lin and Larry Pardey
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About Lin and Larry Pardey  
 “After voyaging tens of thousands of engineless miles under sail, penning more useful marine books than Hiscock and Moitessier combined, and receiving more awards for their pursuits than Tom Hanks has for his, Lin and Larry Pardey are entitled to their well-earned nautical opinions.” — Herb McCormack, editor-at-large, Cruising World
            Lin and Larry Pardey have been called, ‘the enablers’. Their books and videos have encouraged sailors of all ages to stop dreaming and start doing. The knowledge they share has been earned during the four plus decades they have been voyaging together, years during which they completed both east-about and west-about circumnavigations on board their own self-built, engine-free cutters, Seraffyn and Taleisin. During their most recent east-to-west voyage, they sailed below four of the great Southern Capes, including Cape Horn. An avid racing sailor from the age of 17, Larry worked as first mate on the 140-ton, 85-foot schooner Double Eagle, voyaging on her to Hawaii and along the coast of Mexico before meeting Lin. Larry, along with Leslie Dyball, won first on handicap in the exceptionally stormy 1974 Round Britain two-handed race. Lin and Larry have delivered more than two dozen boats across oceans and raced on their own and on other peoples’ boats. To date, Lin has sailed almost 205,000 miles and Larry has accumulated over 220,000 miles at sea.
            In 1996, Larry received the International Oceanic Award from the Royal Institute of Navigation, presented by the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, for meritorious voyaging using traditional navigation methods. During the same year, Lin received the Ocean Cruising Award for being the person who has “done the most to foster and encourage ocean cruising in small craft and the practice of seamanship and navigation in all branches.” In 2000, both were inducted into the Cruising World Hall of Fame. In 2009 the Cruising Club of America awarded Lin and Larry their prestigious Far Horizon Award. In 2012, Yachting Monthly UK included the Pardeys were the only non-British sailors included in their list of 25 Yachting Heroes. More recently Sail Magazine included them in their list of 40 Sailors Who made a Difference.
            Lin and Larry’s articles have appeared in: Cruising World, Sail, Good Old Boat, Wooden Boat, Practical Sailor, Yachting World, Yachting Monthly, Classic Boat (UK), Cruising Helmsman (Australia), Boating New Zealand, South African Yachting, Nautica Brazil, and Yacht (Germany).
            Their books and video programs have been published in the United States, England, and New Zealand; and been translated into German, Russian, Italian and Japanese.
            Lin and Larry recently sailed through the Line Islands then south to New Zealand.  Lin’s most recent book, Bull Canyon, a Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife received three literary awards including the WILLA Cather Award for Creative Non-Fiction. Their lives and exploits have been described by Herb McCormick in his biograph, As Long as It’s Fun, the Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey which will be launched at the Toronto and Chicago Boat Shows in January 2014.
Proposed Seminar Topics
Lin & Larry will present one or several of the seminars below based on available time.
Please check the schedule to confirm topics and times.
The Compelling Power of Adventure
Facing hurricane-force winds off Cape Horn, reasoning with machine gun toting Egyptian soldiers in the isolated reaches of the Red Sea, living among the !kung bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, crossing the rugged mountains of Tasmania on horseback, Lin Pardey will share a few of her favorite stories from 43 years of voyaging with her husband Larry on an engineless offshore sailing vessel. She’ll discuss the lessons she learned by preparing for and completing challenging ocean voyages and how each adventure has lead to an ever increasing desire to expand her own boundaries. Along the way you will learn the simple truths most adventures live by, truths that can apply to any endeavor, be it exploring new business ideas, searching for scientific discoveries or just working toward change within your own life. An underlying theme of her stories is; the most renowned adventurers considered themselves to be very ordinary people.  Each overcame their fears, took that first step into the unfamiliar and went on to savor adventures’ compelling power.
The Adventures that Shaped our Lives
Every life has defining moments. Join Lin and Larry to share the most momentous adventures in their long lives together. From the blowing sands of the Sahara desert, to the desolate waters off Cape Horn you’ll see how their philosophy, Go small, go simple, go now has worked to keep them ever interested in exploring under sail. Along the way you’ll learn tips and lessons you can use to make your own voyaging more successful and enjoyable.
Storm Tactics –
“Storms, raging winds, breaking seas, how will I cope?” Everyone who goes to sea asks this question. Too many answer it by saying, “I’ve got the latest in weather forecasting technology, so I’ll avoid bad weather. This is wishful thinking.  You need a plan, you need the right equipment and you need practice to bring your boat and crew through heavy weather with their confidence intact. This seminar will help you create that plan and overcome the fear of strong winds. You will be shown Cape Horn tested methods to help any type of boat, classic or modern, ride out extreme weather. Even if you think running or lying-ahull are effective storm tactics for you and your crew, the Pardeys’ will prove you still must learn to heave-to. Gear selection will be discussed along with hints so you can to create a sea-anchor using gear you already have on board. 
Second section – A discussion that will help you put storms into prospective. Ways to prepare you and your boat for rough weather. The goal of this seminar is to help ensure rough weather becomes an interesting incident in your life, not the end of your cruising dream.
Sixteen ways to insure your partner shares your cruising dreams
Most voyagers dream of setting sail as a couple, sharing one of the most rewarding and potentially romantic adventures available to people of modest means. To keep the dream working it is vital to assure both partners are enjoying the experience. The seminar highlights ways to be sure each of you gain confidence, feel more comfortable aboard, and gain competency before you set sail. Also covered are ways to make sure the experience is truly a shared one, ways to keep the romance alive once you are underway.
            This presentation will entertain and provide food for thought for anyone who sails as a couple. For evening presentations it is highlighted with a short slide show presentation showing some of the unique experiences cruising can add to your life.
Cost Control while you Cruise –
No matter what your budget, the potential duration and pleasures of your cruise could be determined by how you spend your “Freedom Chips.” Lin Pardey will provide ways you can keep your costs in control, save money on boat maintenance, re-provisioning, entertainment yet still have a unique and satisfying adventure. Highlighted are ideas for visiting the most expensive places in the world on a cost conscious budget, why you don’t have to choose the cheapest destinations to save money, why your dinghy, anchor gear and on-board bathing facility choices determine how much cruising costs. The potentially cost doubling, cruisers Venus fly-trap, will be revealed as well as current cruising budgets.
The Paperwork of Cruising
Head off cruising and the paperwork of your life definitely should be less complicated. There should and will be less paperwork if, and it is a big if, you do some careful but relatively simple planning before hand. Lin will discuss some of the important and often overlooked documents you will need on board, starting with papers to prove you own and have the right to operate your boat. She’ll include vital passport information plus safe economical ways to transfer and carry money. Mail handling, paying bills, insurance coverage and email considerations are also covered.
Adding to your Cruising Kitty by Writing and Making Videos –
Cruising fills your mind and vision with wonderful new sights, new ideas, new sounds.. The long hours of night watches seem a perfect opportunity to put your thoughts down on paper. Days at anchor in quiet lagoons give you time to put expand your ideas into articles or videos, time to practice your musical skills and hone new songs. Now it’s time to convince someone to pay you for those hours of work. What are the realities of writing for sailing publications, selling videos or getting your music out to other people?.
Based on 38 years of successful writing in the nautical field including the publication of eleven books (first by major New York publishers and more recently as publishers of her own books), Lin Pardey who has now sold over 300,000 copies of her books, will share some of the secrets of getting published, the pitfalls and the practicalities. She’ll give you tips on getting noticed by editors, presenting work that sells and expanding your markets.
A discussion of what returns you can expect for your work will be included. Book Writing and publishing will be covered, including the pros and cons of self publishing.
Lin will cover sailing video creation and distribution realities based on her experience as co-producer of 4 successful DVD programs. Condensed versions of these programs have appeared on PBS.
The Unstoppable Cruising Boat -
One well-known journalist wrote, “Cruising is fixing your boats in a series of exotic locations.” Preventing this from becoming your reality requires two steps; adjusting your attitude, then taking a careful look at how you outfit your boat. Lin Pardey will discuss the difference in attitude between cruisers she has known who never once changed their sailing plans due to gear problems and those who felt their cruises or budgets were ruined by gear failures. A careful analysis of ways to assure you do not have to change your sailing plans because of gear failures, the benefits of non-integrated systems, essential spares you should carry, simple techniques you can use to overcome breakdowns and planning your yearly refit are among the topics that are covered in this seminar.
 Please check the schedule to confirm topics and times.