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Mahina Offshore Cruising Seminar with John & Amanda Neal—sponsored by West Marine, Blue Water Sailing & Mahina Expeditions

Saturday Jan 17th, 2015  8:00AM - 6:00PM  Room 106b
This nine-hour seminar will give you the knowledge and tools to save years and thousands of dollars as you prepare for your cruising lifestyle. The seminar covers 18 topics with dedicated PowerPoint presentations that follow the seminar's invaluable 260 page Offshore Cruising Companion. The organized format allows you to follow, absorb, understand plus retain crucial information vital to your safety and comfort.
Key topics include: Boat Selection, Outfitting for Offshore, Piracy & Security, Communication, Medical Emergencies, Cost of Cruising, Storm Survival Tactics, Insurance, Anchoring, Rigging & Sails, Weather & Cruise Planning.
Presenter/author/cruiser John Neal teamed up with professional rigger/sailmaker/international yacht racer Amanda Swan Neal in 1994 and together they have introduced thousands of people to offshore cruising through seminars and sailing expeditions. Their combined 73 years and 584,000 miles ocean experience spans the globe. Pete McGonagle recently completed a two year cruise with his wife and son from New England to the Caribbean and Panama. Pete's ocean experience includes 39,000 miles cruising, racing and delivering yachts and over 1,000,000 miles as an officer on merchant ships.
Cost per single: $179.00, couple: $299.00  Registration includes two-day ticket to the show. 
Seminar includes the 260 page Offshore Cruising Companion which details the 18 topics covered. The seminar outline and registration forms are available Click HERE to register..
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