The New Chicago Boat RV & Strictly Sail Show, January 14-19, 2016!

Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at the Progressive Chicago Boat, RV & Strictly Sail show offers you a valuable sales and marketing tool for your company. A once-a-year opportunity to showcase your product in a fun, consumer-friendly environment. Exhibiting is an investment that delivers returns that can boost your bottom line all year long.

Here’s how:

  1. Exhibiting is a cost-effective way to meet thousands of highly qualified, motivated buyers face-to-face.
  2. People attending shows are serious and they come to buy. Even in tough times sailors pursue their passion for sailing.
  3. Raise your profile and build brand awareness with people interested in your product.
  4. Today’s busy consumers love the idea of saving time and effort: NMMA Shows offer consumers a one-stop shopping experience for boats and related products and services.
  5. Strictly Sail Shows are the most comprehensive, talked about shows in the industry. 
  6. Nowhere else will you find as many serious buyers, looking for the latest and greatest that the sailing industry has to offer.
  7. 70% have an annual income of more than $75,000
  8. 79% own a boat
  9. 88% are shopping for accessories for their boat.
  10. 65% plan to purchase a boat in the next two years.
  11. The Progressive Chicago Boat, RV & Strictly Sail Shows attracts plenty of media attention, too.  There's no better place to introduce new products and promote your company.
  12. Exhibiting at the Progressive Chicago Boat, RV & Strictly Sail Show is a dynamic, cost-effective way to meet highly qualified buyers face-to-face and in an atmosphere that helps sell product

The Show's market exposure and timing are exactly what you need to:

      1. Create and build brand awareness.
      2. Generate top quality leads.
      3. Reach thousands of highly-qualified customers.
      4. Generate leads that can drive product sales year-round.
      5. Introduce new products and attract media attention.
      6. Raise your profile and build brand recognition.